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Friday, July 3, 2009

Another New Paper Cut "Home and Heart 2"

As promised here is a new piece...another paper cut, the 2nd in a series of 8. I think the art of paper cuts is so very calming and relaxing because you have to a) concentrate fully on not cutting your finger off! b) concentrate on following your lines and not messing the design up and c) always applying enough pressure in the right places so the delicate paper pieces don't get torn asunder. Than when your done you end up with this really elegant looking piece of work that can take up as much time as you want it too and be any size you want it to be, etc...yeppers paper cuts is defiantly an art form for me. Not to mention that they are the perfect thing to work on during my Art Collective shifts because I can stop and start them at the drop of a hat and all you need is the design on paper itself, your cutting tools and a folder to protect the piece so therefore it's very light and easily transportable. Prints of this one will be placed in the shop shortly. Wanna see the 3rd one soon? It's coming as I am sure I can get it finished off during my next AOM shift. Did I already mention that these paper cuts look pretty fabulous on necklaces...I'll show you that soon as well:D! Anyhow...I don't care how tired I am tonight, I refuse to relent on my plans to crawl into bed atleast by 10pm, plug in the laptop and browse all my favourite blogs because I haven't had time for blog visiting and I sure do miss seeing what everyone out there is up to.

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