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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Art By The Bay Sale

The Art By The Bay Sale hosted by Art On Main and Books By The Bay was a success...though we were unfortunately forced from our large outdoor booths to a less desirable and cramped location the traffic wasn't bad and I think a good time was had by all artists involved... It was a test in remaining cool, and making things work at the last minute with half the amount of space I originally planned for...I think I made things look pretty decent with what I had to work with and my work was wonderfully received. I finally for the first time brought my beloved art dolls a.k.a 'Nubbins' out of hiding and introduced them to people, they were a hit even though some people didn't quite grasp that they were just art dolls and not necessarily useful...other than cheering ones spirits and looking beautiful, ha ha. My art cards are usually a successful item for these type of shows and I was happy to see them as such again...and happy that the card racks Jonathan and I conjured up worked quite well.
My colourful and unique illustrated bamboo necklaces were also introduced to the public and they seemed to be liked by most which was great to see...though some people thought they were getting miniature originals painted on the bamboo for $25! I had to clarify to a confused few!
I love making these and whatever doesn't sell locally in the next couple of months will eventually make it into my Etsy shop.
I also made other bamboo ones, which were about half the size of my 'normal' necklaces, and half the price because they had less beads and plain cotton cording.
I also made a slew of glass pendants with my illustrations, these came with hemp cording and I made quite a few of them so these also will make it into the shop I am sure.
Big thanks to Jonathan of course who helped me get a few things ready for this sale, who helped me lug everything in and out of the sale, unpack and pack everything, who brought me coffee and snacks, who charmed all around him and who kept me great company all day long...thanks babe:D XOXOXOXOX....
...and thanks to my mom and dad who popped over to see what their little entrepreneur was up to that day...and to a new friend who also took the time to come visit my table, Tracey Walsh, a lovely local aromatherapist, for anyone local who's interested in having this type of treatment do check out Tracey's info here.
I was interviewed by our local paper that day also, Jenny Potter from The Nugget is a sweet and pleasant reporter and it was fun chatting with her...I was happily surprised to see that some of our little chat made it into the article she put together for this event. Click Here to read the article.
Over all it was a good day, I met some new artists including a couple fellow Etsians, traded work, bought a new work and definatly consider the day a success.


Judit Gueth said...

Oooh, that looks like it was such a feast for the eye!:-) Your exhibit was gorgeous! I noticed things I haven't even seen before. The Nubbins and the Birds looked amazing!! Wow! And Jonathan was a trooper. Congratulations!

Jonathan said...

So...who's the enforcer in your picture there? Looks intimidating. Good to see you bring protection ;-)