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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art By The Bay

One thing keeping me on my toes these days is my involvement with Art By The Bay which is in conjunction with the already popular Books By The Bay. There are three parts to this event: 'Books By The Bay' is all hoopla to showcase and celebrate Canadian authors, 'Art By The Bay' is all hoopla to showcase and celebrate local Canadian artists, and coinciding is also an art exhibition at the Alex Dufresne Art Gallery also showcasing and celebrating local artists. There are few of us, like moi! who are in both shows.

The Gallery show is fine to get ready for, it was just a matter of framing up the pieces and delivering them once I found out I was accepted for the show. But for the outdoor sale, well I for one always find it quite stressful to get ready for these kind of sales. What do you sell? How do you sell it? For how much? How big should my tent be? How many tables do I need? What about wind blowing my stuff everywhere since we'll be right on the lakeside? What if it rains? How much of each thing should I make? Do I have time to make everything? Do I have bags, business cards, a cash float, etc ready? Will everything fit in the car?...These are just some of the hundred of questions running through my head in preparation for this one day sale...and I am possibly doing another 2 day and a 5 day sale later in the month! Yikes! We'll see about those because I am not sure at this point if I can get enough merchandise together. Oh I've done sales before don't get me wrong and even the tiniest ones stress me out because well I guess I want to promote myself and my work as sleek and professionally as I can which unfortunately and here comes the biggest stress doesn't come cheaply! And of course at crunch times like these is when the printers decide to stop working, etc...Oh well...wish me luck, I know I'll do just fine, I always do somehow.

So if I am abit absent from my blog from now till the 18th you know why, ha ha. But do check back because though the posts might be shorter in the next couple of weeks, I do have some new work to show you. For now I am off...a coffee and some calming bunny snuggles are in order.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

It was a nice day with you at the show Bijou. Lots of fun, met some new people and stuff. Nice.