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Monday, July 13, 2009

A New PaperCut and Busy-ness

I barely have time to pop in lately but I did want to just long enough to atleast show you all my latest papercut... I've been getting some great new cutting tools/pens but I have to say that the $13.00 Martha Stewart one found at walmart with the light green mint handle is by far superior to everything else I've tried. I gotta run, life in and out of the studio has felt very crazy the past month and a bit and I feel like I've barely been able to sit back and enjoy any summer and today being cool and only +11 it's feeling like summer has already come and gone! My heart is happy however just coming from a much needed two days away in the big city with my sweet guy and best friend. And on Saturday there was a successful opening for the group juried exhibition "Art By The Bay" out at the Dufresne Gallery, which my honey and mom were kind enough to attend with me (some photos to follow soon). Until next post, be well all and happy happy creativity and being...

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Thank goodness for Martha products. Can dispute they are good quality.