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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am going to be here...

I am happy and excited to be participating in the popular Artist's Garden hosted by Ash Creek Pottery and Pat Stamp. It's going to be this events 6th year running and I am told I'll be in my element because I'll be selling my wares in the country side surrounded by a wonderful bevy of fellow artisans and craftspeople and with goats and ducks nearby too...I can't wait... tent is ready...pretty much everything is ready...these sales are much more fun when your not running around like mad! I promised myself that I'll start getting products ready starting after xmas so the I can participate in more of the local summer sales without the stress! I am going to drive out Friday to pick out my spot and set up my tent...and apparently there's a family of wild rabbits out there hmmm I'll try to set up my tent close to them perhaps, ha ha...wish me luck. I won't be posting again till the 18th or 19th.

Last night I was up till the wee hours...till about 3am watching the meteor shower 'Swift Tutle', don't you just love that name, its seems the perfect name for a cosmic event, ha ha. The peak hours for us were from 9pm till about 2am and it was fantastic, I was so excited about each streak racing across the sky, wow...little bits of another world being sucked in my our earths gravity and travelling over 100,000 km an hour...well that is just impressive and weird. I counted to see on average how many we were seeing and between the two of us laid back on the loungers on the back deck in a span of 15 minutes there were 56. I hope everyone with a good view took it in too. Be Well and Happy Blogging all.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

You definately saw more streaks of light then me. I guess I was looking around to much :-)