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Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Papercut

We've been having such great weekends and I have so much to share but today I am just going to pop in to show you all a new paper cut I just finished last week. I am really happy with it and I can't wait to see all of the originals hanging on a wall at one time...that's coming soon. I will have 3 more of these paper cuts to share, there are 8 in the original series and whether I build onto the series or branch off into a new subject/theme I don't now yet but I do know that paper cuts is not something I will stop doing anytime soon, though they are hard on the wrist so after these 8 are finished I might take a break for a couple weeks to rest my hand. It feels so good to find a new medium...soooo good. Right now it's late Monday evening, on our civic holiday, its been raining all day and has been super gloomy making our rabbit warren even cozier...we've had movies playing, did some rabbit bonding between Haz, Jaks and Jin, made some strawberry jam...and now my pencil crayons and another movie in the bedroom are calling to me...ahhh cheers to the versatility and mobility of beloved prismacolours. Have a great night everyone.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Very nice cuts!