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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freindship and Fullness

I just had a wonderful wonderful long weekend with my best friend and I was in heaven having her and her partner here in our home for 4 day and 3 nights...we live 4 hours apart so we don't get to see one another as often as we'd like so the time we do get we soak it up fully and blissfully.

The weekend was also amazing with Judit and Ed meeting alot of my friends and local artists, including my oldest and dear friend visiting from Ottawa with her husband and two beautiful kids AND over the same weekend our sweet Jaks completely and suddenly bonded with our sweet Jin and well life right now just feels so very very full and warm and comfy with love and support and friends and family.

I have a beautiful new piece for my exhibition to share with you all hopefully on Thursday, I still have to scan it in but it's suitable to share after this post because it was inspired by my best friend.

I hope life today and this week finds you all with full and happy hearts as well and see you again soon. XO Bijou.


Lori said...

I love it- what a cute picture! Looking forward to seeing your new work. Thank you for the very sweet comment you made on papernstitch for the giveaway :)

Judit Gueth said...

Oh, I haven't even seen this picture! :-) It was so nice to spend the weekend with you guys!

Dogwood said...

Aren't good, dear friends just the best thing in the world! I am glad you had such a wonderful time together. Love the "arms around each other" photo. That would be nice to frame! Thanks. Dogwood

Jonathan said...

It was a great weekend. We always have fun and this time was no exception.

Wonder if Ed will look into a "Twiggs" francise?