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Friday, September 25, 2009

I Met My Hero Jane Goodall

I am so blessed to have just met my long time hero Jane Goodall. She was everything I expected her to be but even more beautiful with such a strong but very very soft energy about her. This incredible human being played one of the biggest roles thus far in how humans see animals and their relationships to them. She fights for them like no other and she continues this work 50 years later still at the lovely age of 75. She spends 300 of 365 days travelling the world to spread her knowledge and message of hope...she is just so awe inspiring to me...just incredible.

This woman, this bright and elegant human spirit was so wonderful to listen to. I needed to hear her powerful message of hope. I suspected before going to this lecture that I myself had lost some of my own hope in the past year or so, due to many different things but really down to just feeling separated from most people, feeling that my hearts passion and need for human compassion was travelling alone in this life's journey with not much company at all. I mean to say I am sympathetic and sensitive to animal welfare is an sitting there listening to her talk and tell story after story about all these amazing people who care and who make changes, etc...well lets just say my already present migraine got even worse for trying to fight back a big well of emotion and the sudden realization that I am far far from alone in my passions about animals or with my hopes for their future on this disintegrating planet. Dr. Goodall was just beautifully eloquent and a ray of bright light that I very much needed. I am pretty sure that I wasn't the only one out of the 900 other people there to feel this surge of emotion and renewal of hope.

Her points ring so very very true, of which there were many and of which I couldn't possibly get into here for than this post would be insanely long! But I can't help but bring up one thing she said which really has to make you stop and think if you haven't done so already...If humans are the most intelligent species on this planet than why are we destroying our one and only home and planet....#1 with over-population and #2 with meat eating. I don't know how many people realize that the global climate change we are all undoubtedly experiencing is not coming from fuel pollution, well that's a problem of course but the main cause is peoples need to eat meat....the methane produced by meat cattle alone is destroying our ozone more than all the cars put together...and its the vast forest areas that we're clear cutting to a)raise more meat and b)farms for food to feed those animals so we can than slaughter them and eat just makes no sense, it's completely preposterous to me that people aren't realizing this and simple saying 'well lets not eat meat' or at least eat less..even less would begin to make a difference! Although being a vegetarian myself I am of course an advocate for not having it at all. Anyhow I don't mean to turn this post into a lecture, who will listen to me anyhow! but I loved hearing such a renowned and intelligent voice backing up my beliefs.

I walked away with my inner strength revived, with my hope for the worlds future boosted, and with my passion for animals and their welfare bolstered. I always walked around thinking 'well I am only one person, what can I can I affect any real changes...' and this attitude took a somewhat negative root in my I realize I can indeed make a difference, even if a very small one.

And for a 75 year old she's so strong and energetic, she said she believes a big part of this was being a vegetarian....shes just so very very beautiful to me.... I will treasure this special evening for always...and of course this is now one of my most treasured, little itty bitty Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy! with Dr. Jane Goodall..WOW!

I wanted to ask her one question, which was "Where do you find the strength and courage to do what you do and face what you face" how does she not give up, how does she not get angry.... she must be the most compassionate person I've eve met....but there was no time and I think when I sit quietly and think about everything she said I'll be able to formulate an answer and it's got to have something to do with just doing what you need to do because this world of ours and its amazing animals need help and she does what she needs to do and gets through any horrors because she has to continue being one of these brilliant spirits who does care, takes action and helps.

I really also wanted to ask her if she truly thinks art can make a difference with animal conservation and welfare...I still am not 100% sure it can or does, I just don't know but I guess I'll just keep trying and worker harder than ever to bring my own message to people in the best way I know how which is through my imagery...we'll see I guess won't we! I have more hope about it all than before though that's for sure.

To repeat what I said to her upon meeting "Dr. Goodall, Thank You....Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being so inspiring...." at which point she looked deep into my eyes and smiled and I smiled back....a lovely connection...a lovely person....a lovely evening....I am in awe and once more....finally once more reconnected or on my way back to it.

For more info on Jane Goodall visit The Jane Goodall Institute.

And thank you for popping in and well and most of all Keep Hope.


Lori said...

WOW! I share in your excitement! You are so kind-hearted.

Christina said...

I followed you over from Heart of a Cowgirl. Anytime someone mentions bunnies I must check out their blog. Yours is grand. I too, would be quite honored to meet Jane Goodall. I cant imagine the world if we didnt have people like her out there fighting for the animals.

Jonathan said...

That was a good evening for sure. very insipirational...although she isn't as vocal about vegetarianism as I would epect or like.

Soooo many problems on this plannet cause by eating should be a larger focus of her organizations.

Ps... look what I found: