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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Brillant Surprise & Support From The OAC

I am so pleased to receive an exhibition assistance grant from The Ontario Arts Council. The OAC is an agency of the Government of Ontario and has been supporting the Arts in Ontario for many years. The grant will help cover some of my costs towards the framing of all 14 pieces in this exhibition of mine. Thanks OAC, I really appreciate it. Also, on top of working tirelessly and doing an amazing job on my frames, Jonathan completely surprised me the other day with this fantastic promo ad web thingy he put together for my exhibition. I am almost as excited, if not more so about this new visual treat than my whole exhibition, ha ha for I love it when he conjures up this stuff, it seems a perfect marriage between his talents and mine. He's such a wonderful, amazing and insanely supportive partner and I thank him a million times over...Click here to view the ad or click on the image below.

After this evening, we'll stick some of the reception photos in the 'reception' spot on this fantastic little web thingy, so you can check back for those. Afterwards it will find a permanent spot somewhere on my new website...which we've both been working very hard on (though of course mostly on Jonathan's part being the computer/design guru/genius that he is). The new website will be launching VERY SOON, I am SOOO excited:D Tonight is my opening wish me luck. P.S. Don't you think the promo ad is brillant:D????


Lori said...

The promo ad rocks.

Jonathan said...

Thank Bijou, and thanks Lori also!! I am quiet happy with the way it turned out.