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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Hat...My Website...and A New Shop???

I get alot of compliments on this little hat of mine ever since I 'fixed' it up abit, ha ha...It's a straw hat I bought for myself in P.E.I a few years back but I always found it abit dull so I took an colourful necklace I've had since I was a kid but never ever wear and just stitched it permanently in place around the rim of the hat and voila...a cuter hat...

I thought I'd just quickly share that since it's gotten so many compliments...and it's so easy to do to any hat really.

My email and exhibition promo are working again, phew! Thanks to Jon for helping me switch everything over to a new provider...but we decided to keep the older website down and just announce the new one when it's ready to launch, which is soon.

AND...I am toying with the ideal of opening another Etsy Shop for my photographs!!!! I never thought of it before and than BANG suddenly in the middle of the night I sat up in bed and though 'Heh why not try that...' even though I've never called myself a photographer, people do seem to like my I am going to play around abit with printing them and if I get a product I am happy with I'll perhaps do that...what do yous think???


Lisa said...

You take beautiful photos, I think its a great idea.
BTW- I love the hat :)

Lori said...

Do it! Sounds like it was an inspired idea given the way it made you sit right up in bed. That is worth listening to!

Dogwood said...

Darling hat. Looks great. Go for it!

Jonathan said...

Thanks Bijou...transfering the site was a bit of thanks to who decided to delete you files without any notice...but I digress :-)

Can't wait to launch the new's 1 year developement and design will surely be worth the end product.

Jenn said...

Cute hat and adorable embellishment idea! I've wanted to embellish some of my own hats in a similar way. You're giving me new ideas!