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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Illustration "The Lock and The Key" & More...

Hi everyone, thanks soooo much for all of the wonderful comments on my recent posts, especially for your feedback about my opening. Comments really make my day and I appreciate every single one. Finally! I feel like I am starting to find my own community in the big blogosphere and that is really exciting. I wanted to pop in and share a few things...first being a new illustration, well it was for my exhibition so you probably saw it in the show photos but I really wanted to post a full version here today. I am really happy with this one and I am honestly glad that it hasn't sold so far at the exhibition, but than again I was to keep all my rabbit-y images! ha ha. It is called "The Lock and The Key"'s about a woman and her beloved bunnies and the knowledge they pass back and forth between each other and the beauty they hold for one another and that together in those things, they will find their way to better understanding and place of being...make sense? ha ha. The banner reads "...They are the Key...through the door...together... we will go...and I am the Lock..."

A print is available here.

I think after the opening my body said 'Ah Ha...Now you have time to be sick...' so I've been abit under the weather fighting some flu-ish symptoms, headaches, rainy aches, a really bad neck crink and just really needed to recharge my physical battery...goodness knows the creative battery is still running very I've been working some yes indeed but mostly taking it easy, reading and just snoozing with my heating pad and of course the best medicine around...snuggling with a bunny:D

I must again mention the amazing web promo Jonathan made for me to promote my show. Well he surprised me yet again but adding a few new things. If you go to the reception section, you'll see that he included abit of video from the night...where he inset the video in a poplar frame to match my work than he found a lovely little song to add than turned it to black and white which he knows I love....AND THAN!....I did a radio interview and he took that interview and included it as well and as you listen to the interview a montage of lovely photos flick, I am so blown away. He has created this amazing and complete and touching little package for me and years from now I can go back to this link and relive the evening. I knew that he was working on a secret project the past couple of nights, ha ha but all of this just blew me away. Do check out the wonderful additions here...and tell me what you think of my radio interview:D

I have so much to share and I am behind on posting but I think that's about all for today...Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks so much for your support and taking the time to pop in. XOXO.


Christina said...

Bunny snuggles always make a person feel better.

Dogwood said...

Thanks for sharing about your creative life. Sounds like things are going well for you. Great! I hope you are able to kick the flu/cold real soon but take good care of yourself. Rest, water and relax.

Lori said...

I hope you feel better soon- the good thing about being sick is getting to rest (with bunnies:) Love the new drawing so much. Off to listen to your radio interview!

Jonathan said...

Another great illustration. I like how this one is more on the reflective side.

Little J looks good sitting on his momma.

Thanks for the thanks on the promo. It definately got bigger then I was intending, but I am very happy with the end product. Just call me "The Flash".

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM (you knew I had to add that)