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Friday, November 20, 2009

Art On Main Window

Most of you who read this blog of mine already know that I am a member of a fantastic arts collective called Art On Main. Anyhow, my pal and fellow member Rachael dresses the windows of the store every month and I am always impressed with her I thought I'd share one of Novembers windows with you all (and okay I admit I am happy she included my coloured pencil "At First Light" in the display as well, ha ha)
Next week should be a good time to start showing you what I've been working on...a new collection of birds....they are so fun and sweet, I am anxious to share them with you all. Till than have a wonderful and warm weekend.
p.s. Am I the only one who hated the movie "Where The Wild Things Are"?


Dogwood said...

Thanks. Nice to see the windows. Very well done. She should be proud of the looks of the nice window displays. I have always thought window display would be fun and I also know it is very hard and takes a special talent.

Jonathan said...

Nice to see your picture in the window. Definately adds a nice splash of colour.

Lori said...

It 's lovely! I dressed the window of one artist's co-op I was a part of and it took HOURS! It was equal parts really fun and really challenging (for me anyway!)