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Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Amazing Show...Ovo

So a few weeks back Jonathan and I decided we needed abit of a treat and bought ourselves tickets to see our first Cirque Du Soleil show. It's never an easy decision for us to leave the rabbits, even for a single night and even though they are left in very capable and trusted hands. And its also a decision for us to brave the highways during hunting season! (when Jon tells me to close my eyes I do without question or argument for he knows and protects my tender heart better than anyone else). So anyways, I think after the heart ache of loosing our Hazel, we felt the need for a big treat so we went to Toronto... ...we've been wanting to see one of their creations for ages now... ...we saw 'Ovo' and it was so so spectacular, especially with front row seats...being that close to the action and seeing facial expressions and make up and costume details so perfectly was incredible...
We weren't allowed to use cameras in the big top which I found slightly frustrating because there were a few times that I knew I'd get some photographic gems, if only I were allowed the camera...c'est la vie and totally understandable though.
The outside of the big top was so lovely as well, it just filled me with such excitement and joy.
I feel so lucky to have been able to take in such an incredible and unique visual treat.
...taking in the Toronto skylines with my honey, having a fantastic dinner at one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants, seeing this amazing show AND getting to spend time with my best friend too....well indeed, I feel like one lucky and spoiled gal let me tell you!!! It was a heavenly weekend, one I'll never forget...but you know what, if we don't spoil and be kind to ourselves and give ourselves visual treats who will right! cheers to good things and good times...Cheers cheers cheers:D
p.s. The mondays 'reveal' might be put off a day or two due to some unforeseen circumstances...we'll see....


Lori said...

OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW! How wonderful! I love what you wrote about Jonathan. What a lovely treat for you both- so deserving.

Jonathan said...

That show was amazing...couldn't ask for better seats....front row, right in the action. Until the next outing :-)