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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Past Civic Long Weekend!

Okay so quite abit late with these photos ha ha...but I just got around to adjusting them etc and I love these shots so I really wanted to share them with you all. I find I am so very very content lately, sitting on my computer, playing around with my photos with music blasting...I feel at home...I feel cozy and than I hit a really great shot and my heart maybe I defiantly should look into opening a photography shop sooner than later!!! We'll see... Anyhow...During a long weekend this past summer, our little city of North Bay had it's annual summer festival. Jonathan and I always walk down, spend the day hand in hand enjoying the bustle and crowds (and avoiding the petting zoo)...these are my favourite shots from that weekend festival... I do love taking shots of really cute I snuck a couple on the way there... ...and than we hit the festival area...
I think these are some of my favourite shots of the whole year!...
...and a couple more cute abodes on the walk back home:D...

I think perhaps my achy body and head are already longing for the warmer days of summer past!!! Oh Oh...and we're only at -8 so far soon enough it'll be the -30's! But than we'll have the warm coziness of xmas decorations to help us past that chill:D

Be Well all...Be Well...may memories of perfect and lovely summer days past embrace you with inner smiles, warmth and remind you of the happiness in that exact moment of where you were.....and perhaps of where you currently are:D XO Mandy.


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Love your B&W pics. The one with the giant monkey is my favorite! You definitely have an eye for catching great shots.
-8 already??? Oh my. Cuddle up with a bunny and stay warm my friend!

Dogwood said...

I love your photos of the cute homes. I could really just move right in to any one of them!

Festivals are so much fun.

Your description of your enjoyment of your photo/computer made me smile. Isn't it nice when we can just hang out and do what we love to do.


Lori said...

I just love where you live! I think you should open a photo shop sooner rather than later :)