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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sewing Machine and A Bunny

I am still not feeling well but wanted to pop in with a new post anyways... I've been meaning to show you all this beautiful antique sewing machine we bought for super cheap at a thrift store a few months ago..and it runs like a dream too, not that I am a big sewer mind you, I usually prefer doing things by hand, but well we just thought it was so nice and old and 'cool' looking, ha ha so we brought it home.

...anyhow, it sits atop a lovely piece of furniture my dad made for me ages ago...and I just crumbled with a happy heart when I spied one cozy day, our sweetie pie Jaks taking a nap underneath...ha ha...too cute.

Aren't bunnies just oh so wonderful...ahhhh they make me happy and bliss full...yes even despite this constant migraine!


Katalin said...

yeah..that's a cool looking sewing machine even its colour is nice.
hope you feel better soon!! whish you well!:)

Lori said...

Oh so sorry about your migraine. That's the worst. Love to you!

Jonathan said...

Love love love the sewing machine. What a great find. Still think we should of nabbed that ancient black and gold one. Thing we need to be collecting old sewing machines....probably not, but it would have looked great in the den (cause it's was black and gold) ;-) ;-)

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Jaks! I wonder if he could be ANY cuter?? Little spotted furry bundle of joy.