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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soul Far, Soul Good...Peter Sloan

On the 30th of October, we went to the opening of 'Soul Far, Soul Good", this show features incredible new works by talented local North Bay artist Peter Sloan.

The exhibition is being presented at the beautiful artist collective that I am a proud member of, Art On Main. Peter has been a member of the collective for some time and this exhibition just continues to show his incredible and unique talent.

I was happy when Peter gave me permission to photograph his works for this post for I just knew I had to share his work with all of you....I promised at the inception of this blog of mine to share my visual inspirations and Peter's work is definatly something that makes my eyes pop and go 'wow'.

I always found his work incredible but these new 14 pieces in the exhibition are even more so, they are exciting, earthy and mesmerizing whiles gripping you with their fossil/petroglyph feel. They seem like some odd and organic relic from the past...well that's what I see anyhow!
Below is my very favourite in the show, entitled "Comfrey". The colours in this one are so bright but very gentle and the composition and detail is just beautiful to me.
I am usually not a fan of skull imagery but within Peter's work I do enjoy them as they do take on a beautiful and ethereal tone.
I can't even begin to figure out what Peter's process to make these would be! All I know is that they are made with unfired plaster and includes embossing or stamping from Peter's own handmade miniature stamps.
This is another of my favourites, something in it makes me feel close to my European history and I find myself saying 'Ohhhh' and than it draws me in closer for a more intimate look...
And here are a few other beauties...
Peter's show runs from October 28th to November 27th 2009. The AOM Gallery website is located here and Peter's own site here. All of Peter's works shown in this post and in his exhibition are only $275.00 plus taxes so if your interested contact Peter or AOM.
Thanks for taking time to pop in...I am breaking pattern and doing a Saturday post this week so pop in again than if you've time and hopefully Monday I'll have a big surprise to share:D, oh I can't wait. Be Well all, Be Well.


Jonathan said...

Nice exhibition...

Jules said...

your surprise better not be that you are pregnant!

Wireworks said...

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Jenn said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing...his art is so interesting and detailed. I love the colors. You could get lost in that art for years. I think my favorite one is the one you highlighted as your favorite, too!

Jules said...

I should have also said how much I like Peters work.
I took 2 of his casting courses ages ago. Love everything he does and a very nice man too.

Dogwood said...

Wow, I like it all. What a great collection of very interesting art work. Thanks for sharing it. It would be lots of fun to take a class.

Have a great weekend.

Jonathan said... knew it was only a matter of time until scientists figured out how to get the rabbit enbryo to stick :-)