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Friday, December 4, 2009

A 4th Beautiful Bird

Another 'Beautiful Bird' and I love this grouchy little guy, ha ha. And I think I managed to give the background a warm richness, don't you think? I do love acrylic and how fast it dries, since I seem to mostly dry brush everything.

Well he may be abit snickety but I think he'll make some people smile anyways, ha ha. I started painting strawberries all over some chairs the other wonderful friend Becca is opening up an organic health spot and has hired me to adorn all the furniture with berries, ha ha. It's going to be alot of berries but so far it's really fun to be working on something abit different.

Also tonight, I'll be at my arts collective for the following shows and fundraiser (also where you can purchase 4 of my paper cuts for only $100) Anyways, I hope it's fun and very crowded, I am deemed the official photographer for the evening so wish me luck!...

After this evening we are looking forward to a warm cozy weekend full of bunny snuggling and xmas decorating...wishing you all a great one as well.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Another great bird.

The fundraiser was very dissapointing. The local celebrities weren't able to bring in any supporters or a crowd, and the art sold either went to themselves or to Art on Main artists.

Very very unfortunate.