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Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthdays...And "The Party Pooper"

Today I send out a big giant Happy Birthday to my Jonathan...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY...and to our baby of babies, our beautiful Ella Luna...who turns 6. We don't know Ella Luna's exact birth date but it's defiantly sometime in December and Jonathan said he wanted to share his day with his favourite bunny girl. I usually do a new birthday image every year and this year Jonathan's aversion to celebrating his birthday inspired me, ha ha....usually for me, the more hoopla and people to help celebrate the better, for Jonathan the least amount of celebration the, ha ha, in coloured pencil on illustration board I conjured up this grouchy little birdie whom I affectionately call "The Party Pooper". This one won't be available as a print but will be available very soon in greeting card format at my members space at the wonderful Art On Main and later on through my new website and possibly etsy shop.

Our Ella Luna...6 years ago in the month of January you were a few weeks old and we saw your big beautiful feet sticking out of a log house at a pet store that didn't deserve your precious spirited little heart...we weren't looking for a new family member...we just lost our first bunny baby and we're still heart broken...but I couldn't take my eyes off those feet of yours and I found myself saying without even thinking "Can We See That Little One Under That Log House" and the sales person pulled you out and put you in my arms and into my heart and you haven't left them since:D We brought you home and you were the light in our darkness...our Moon...our Luna....Our Bella of the best decisions we've ever made and one of the best little souls we've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Happy Birthday to my love. Happy Happy Good day to you my sweet...If anyone deserves birthday wishes coming true, it would indeed most certainly be you:D XOXOXOXOX

Happy Birthday our little bundle of craziness and sweetness, laughs and joys...We love you you perfect little furry person, we love you.


Jonathan said...

Party Pooper eh??? I have to admin there is a fair bit of truth there...however, since it's my birthday, I get what I want right???

Love ya Bijou (and Ella too)

Let the non-celebratory events commence!

Christina said...

I try to ignore my birthdays too. I love the grumphy party pooper. Happy Birthday to Jonathan and to Ella Luna.