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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays...and a new Beautiful Bird

I thought this new little emerald green 'Beautiful Bird' of mine was a good way to say "Happy Holidays".... (The first batch of 'Beautiful Birds', including this emerald green lovely will be available very soon in the New Year, so if your interested keep your eyes open as the first batch of mounted ones will be small...until summer comes and the garage unfreezes atleast!)

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas Everyone...wishing you all extra warmth, happy hearts, full tummies, much kindess and extra love for any and all of your furry hearts...Take Care and see you soon, 'Bijou' of Bijou's Whimsy.

4 comments: said...

Dear Bijous Whimsey,

thanks very much for linking to our bunnies at We truly love you art. : )

Lori said...

She is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing them all in your shop. I can't imagine how much it must be a winter wonderland where you are. I love snow storms. Here we have about a foot and it is supposed to snow 6-12 inches tonight... Hope you are keeping warm :) The bunnies help, I bet!

Dogwood said...

OHmyGOSH---that is wonderful. Such a wonderful beautiful colorful bird. You are so talented!

Jonathan said...

This is one of my favorites of the bird series so far...and I am not a huge "green" fan...but this works....maybe it's the high contrast...I like it.