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Monday, December 14, 2009

A New "Beautiful Bird" of my favs so far...

This is one of my favourite "Beautiful Birds" so far I think...the contrast between the bird and background, to me anyways, compliment each other perfectly. It took me awhile to figure out the backgrounds for these guys...I did a few and kept hemming and hawing and not showing them to people because they just weren't right and than one day just before I gave up on the whole series! I painted over everything I had done before, relaxed...breathed...and enjoyed the colour instead of trying to control it quite so much and than suddenly the solution to how to create complimentary backs to the coloured pencils birds happened upon me...don't you love it when that happens, ha ha. I've no ideal what kind of bird this might be but if it were a real species I think I'd sit in awe of it, ha ha and would certainly hope it'd find a safe haven in this messy world of ours.

p.s. Tis the season to give extra to all the animals shelters and causes out there...for us it is our annual Christmas donation to the Toronto Humane Society which houses so many homeless unwanted rabbits and I just crave to bring every single one home!...This season the little tree tag that they hang on the shelter tree will have our sweet Hazel's name on it. If you can...any little bit...please do donate to your own local shelters.

Have a wonderful warm weekend.


Robin said...

Wow this is gorgeous...Love it..!!The colors are fantastic..!!

Dogwood said...

Such a beautiful colorful bird. Love it!

We do need to help out the animals in need. We keep bird feed, suet and water out for the birds.

I volunteer at SPCA.

Love all animals.

Lori said...

I couldn't agree more with giving extra to shelters. Love your bird :)

Jonathan said...

I dub this bird Frier-Tuck.