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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Beautiful Gift...

I just had to hop in today to show you a beautiful gift I received by post a couple weeks ago (and by now you all know I love mail, ha ha) came from my lovely friend over at "Tales From The Raspberry Rabbits", she made this star for me and than packaged it so nicely...even including some chocolate:D...

..AND she included this handmade card showing her two furry hearts Razzy and Sugie. We get a kick out of the fact that our bunnies look so alike.

I am realizing that many rabbit owners/slaves, really do take an interest in other rabbit lovers & their furries and its a lovely network of interest and support. And this well this was just an amazing gift to receive, there was definatly some squealing and ohhhing and ahhhing as I discovered what was within the parcel...thanks so much Shell, I know it's a xmas ornament but I just had to leave it out to enjoy all year round so it now hangs on my favourite rocking chair and I see it everyday and it makes my heart squeeze with the warmth of friendship:D

Hop on over to Michelle's beautiful blog and check things out...she is a stitchery artist who does lovely work, she is a fellow lover of the long earred and often posts about her two beautiful buns, she has a free pattern download available every month AND she hosts giveaways for the most delicious treats...and she's just one of my favourite and most treasured pals in blogland:D

Well, last week was a terrible and tiring week where I combated the final days of that chest cold and a monster migraine all day Thursday that almost sent me to the hospital AND all of that with very little sleep due to a bad bout of insomnia BUT we had a fantastic weekend and now I am entering this new week refreshed and with good plans...heres hoping that it is indeed a good one and that yours is wonderful as well.


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh sweetness you are just too kind!
I'm so glad you love the star and the card and I'm also so very glad to call you friend.

I send prayers that your head will remain pain free and your week will be beautiful so that you may continue to create your beautiful art.

Hugs to you my friend,

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

How sweet! Fellow bunny lovers are just the best.
I'm off to check out her blog and creations... and bunnies. :)

Jenn said...

I share your bunny love, although my fur-baby is a doggy. I just love animals in general... :-)

And WHAT is it with these migraines and insomnia? I had the exact same pattern (almost to the point of wanting to go to hospital) last week. Even my TCM doctor said it was weather...

Jonathan said...

That photo made me do a double take....Jaks and Ella in a picture? What the what?