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Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Beautiful Bird..

Hi everyone, I am popping in quickly today to show you another new bird in my "Beautiful Bird" series...I think this guys pretty cute and fun.

It's been kinda crazy around here with all the human and bunny ailments so I didn't get to update my Etsy shop with new prints as soon as I would have liked but a shop update is coming within the next few days, fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend everyone...I think we'll be indulging in more televised Olympics, we've really been enjoying it and it's the first year we really got into it...though I admittedly don't always necessarily cheer for the Canadians (but mostly!), it's made for some cozy hours of being home together, cheering with good snacks and with bunny feet puttering around other words: happiness:D Happiness to you all....XO Mandy.


Lori said...

He is SO JOYFUL!!!

Dogwood said...

I love the blue tail feathers.

We too are enjoying the Olympics. The hockey game only has a few minutes left.

Have a nice afternoon...

Jonathan said...

The brown background on that image is perfect.

Olympics..GO CANADA!

I think we have watch more skiing in the last bit then in our entire lives...