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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some New Rabbity Treasures..

Told you I couldn't stay away for too long:D! I've gotten sooo many illustration sketches underway and I am so excited to get back to some of my more serious conceptual work so it was defiantly good to take some time off from my normal routine. Today I am hopping in cause I just had to show you some new treasures that I've been spoiled with over the last couple months and which I finally got around to taking some shots of... These beauties all come from Etsy shops... I can't believe the tiny carving detail and I have 1 other necklace from this carver and I just love his work. Jon said he had to get me this one cause it looks like our Roo all curled up. This little guy is from the Lavender Rabbit's shop. ...and than a couple weeks later these beauties arrived. Hand carved wooden brooches from Barabara and Marcos Suarez, I love their shop and you can see abit of similarities between their quirky style to Elsita Moras, if you a fan of her, I sure am...I have to say these are the top of my favourite rabbity things list. I haven't attached them to anything yet cause I want to make sure they are in a safe place and not in danger of falling off and getting lost. This etsy order was one of the most nicely wrapped orders yet...

and okay now this one IS my current favourite....I love the symbolism, it reminds me that all our bunnies are angels just here to visit on earth for a short time so to enjoy that time everyday no matter how long or short...this piece is beautifully made and has a nice heaviness to it...I still have to find out where this one's from, it was unwrapped awhile ago and it's the one business card I've misplaced!

That guy of mine sure does have good taste in rabbity thingies:D
Join me pn Monday for some new work and those 'wee whispys' I was telling you about.
Well, I am off to a busy day; I will bring bunnies outside for a quick romp (Jaks is finally mastering the stairs, oh I was squealing with excitement and my heart was squeezing with pride the first time he went down and up all on his little own self:D ha ha ) it's abit chilly so I'll have to bundle up. Than it'll be time for a tussle with tax papers, but I promised myself only a few hours of that crap and than on to working some more with my new linears but first before all that some lunch, some yoga and a than a cappuccino:D
Have a great day too everyone.


Lavender Rabbit said...

So cool - Love your rabbit goodies! Your sweetie has excellent taste :)

Michelle May said...

Oh wow! These are just all soooooooo fabulous! I love them! The little carved pieces are my favorite!

Jonathan said...

I am glad you love the rabbit treats. I can't remember how many pages I went through to find them all, but I think it was more them 300...what else was I going to do that day? Work? ;-)