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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wee Whispy 1....

This is a new little series I've been having fun with. Mixed media on pine blocks and I think they are so sweet. I wanted to come up with something abit quicker to sell for abit cheaper at the AOM gallery BUT they still took me a fair amount of time and I've faced the fact that I am just not an artists who can 'whip' things out willy nilly, quickly or cheaply...and I think that's good to realize and come to terms with because ultimately it's me first who has to appreciate my work and than hopefully everyone else will follow!
But I also really like the ideal of once in awhile making some 'simpler' pieces that are still unique and in my style, that still contain my heart and are still made with quality that I am always a stickler for but that are also very affordable, (well I think I price most of my work very affordable actually but anyhow, ha ha) this little original is ready to hang and ready to inspire a new person and is going for only $60 u.s. plus shipping (Note: This Wee Whispy is now Sold) if your interested please email me and I'll create a listing in my etsy shop just for you to purchase it with ease and than it'll be packaged up and sent to it's new home.
I call them 'Wee Whispys" cause they are teeny weeny and measure only about 5 x 9 in. and because the words they are whispering are inspiring and bright. Hope you like them, I'll be showing you the other 2 I have made this week as well, a few more will be coming after that.
They may be prints as well but I am not sure about that yet as I don't know how the buttons will translate to a print, once I do some test runs I'll let you all know.
If you have any suggestions for words or very short quotations you'd like to see on a Wee Whispy do send a comment and I'll possibly use it on a future ene:D


Dogwood said...

Absolutely adorable. I love your Wee Whispy creation. You amaze me with all your artwork. Keep it coming. Have a nice and happy day.

gail said...

Hi, I love these new pieces of art. Sooo very pretty.
Have a pretty day, and happy creating, gail

Lori said...

Oh I am so in love with especially this one Mandy!

Jonathan said...

These Wispys are too cool. Nice job babe, it looks fantastic.

rachel awes said...

this piece is wisdom inspired.
so beautiful!x