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Friday, May 14, 2010

Another New Funky Fish...

I just got home from a morning coffee/chat with my mom and dad, who I love oh so much:D I sometimes wish to live in a nicer/bigger/artsy-er city like Portland! But I do enjoy having my parents so close and don't think I could stand living plane rides away...and at this very moment as I sit down to write this post, all 4 bunnies are outside on their decks eating their lunches al fresco, ha ha...I often say it's the small pleasures in life that make my heart swell with squealing happiness and this is defiantly one of those days... I also had to pop in to show you all a new funky fish...the original is available for anyone interested and prints coming within the next 2 weeks, probably next... I am so excited to have taken the leap and signed myself up for Kelly Rae Roberts e-course on how to grow a creative business....I really need some tricks and tips on how to get the "Beautiful Birds" and "Funky Fish" and well the rest of what I make into a wider audience/market...for I've yet to find that very special 'niche' that is apparently out there just waiting for me to stumble upon, ha ha...wish me luck!

This weekend I look forward to getting outside to some yard work and gardening, I am sure our neighbours hate every summer with 'that young couple who just never mows their grass'!!!...ha ha but we honestly think dandelions are quite pretty!...I hope to get some more spring cleaning done in the have ample time to watch bunnies romp in the yard...I look forward to the cooking of some new vegetarian dishes and of course the consumption of those dishes:D...and defiantly I think some reading is on the agenda AND if I am super productive, hopefully some stuffie making will be had as well...those are my current plans for the weekend anyhow:D Thanks so much for all of you guys who are so makes my day to log into blogger and see some new little love notes waiting for me...thanks:D Does anyone know how to track a comment back to a particular blog post though, without having to scroll through every old one until you find that particular comment your looking for? cause often new people comment but it's on an older post and I always like to return the favour and visit their spot in blogland but sometimes the post is months back and it takes forever to find...any suggestions my fellow blogites?

Now off to the rest of the day and sending out "Happy Weekend Wishes" to all, XO Mandy and the buns, Ella Luna, Roo, Jin and Jaks:D....See yous Monday, I have lots of new stuff to show you:D


Jonathan said...

That fish really pops. Great colours.

Good luck on your e-course. I hope you get everything out of it that you want. for the yard work...i think it is going to be a wet rush, the critters like long grass.

jacqueline said...

Dearest Mandy, so happy you had a wonderful time with your lovely parents! I adore mine little folks too but they live around an hour away from me. I can only see them during weekends. I am so happy you are having so much creative flow and your fish painting is gorgeous! Loving the colors lots. :)

About the comments question, i set comments notification to my email ~ that way i could keep track of my comments received and on which posts! It has a link for me in the email that leads me directly to the post and comment. Perhaps you have something similar with your blog provider.

Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Katalin said...

Hey Mandy,
Wish you good luck with your course and finding your niche!I'm sure you will succeed! :)
Your new fish is wonderful and I loved the previous one too with the dots. It sounds like you'll be busy on this weekend...have a happy creating! And I'm excited to see your new stuff!!
Take care! xo

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh Thanks Jonathan, Jacqueline and Katalin...Jacqueline I'll visit your blog again very soon and Katalin, I will respond to our last email conversations soon too:D It's funny but I am noticing that my post about bunnies get alot more comments than the posts about my art...hmmmm ha ha I definatly appreciate yours on my work:D Be Well guys. XO Bijou:D

Lori said...

I love this one! I love how you do collections of work. You are inspiring me to do that. I would love to live in Portland too :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Lavender Rabbit said...

I love your fishes, they are so vibrant and darling!

Please post your thoughts about the workshop when you complete it, I was thinking about trying it myself. Sounds like good information and fun. :)