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Monday, May 3, 2010

Art On Main Is Moving To New Diggs...

I think I forget to mention that the arts collective and art gallery that I am a member of and feature artist in is moving! I've only been with the group for a year come this May but AOM has existed for over 5 now and everyone figured a move would revitalize the store and also give us room for new members.

The new place is just a few doors down from where we currently are and it has loads of potential but also needs loads of work. Most of the members have been pretty good about chipping in time and energy to get in there and help with the renos and a handful have been superstars shouldering the majority of work.

Unfortunately we can't afford any type of hardwood or laminate so industrial carpeting must go down but that goes in in a couple weeks time and soon after that we can begin moving everything over.

My first job was to paint over the ugly brown wallboard until a grant comes through and gives us money for drywall and proper gallery wallage! but in the meantime we'll make due. When I was in last time I scrubbed down the kitchen area and gave it a coat of fresh white paint.

I am not sure how much longer I'll be with the collective but in the meantime I love getting to work alongside, splash paint on and spend time with my fellow member and friend Rachael, we always have a good time together....
So send me and the AOM group some good mojo for the new location. Oh yeah if you've time check out my artists page on AOM brand new website, I am happy with it.


Michelle May said...

Sending good mojo to you!
Love your artists page Mandy. As always, your work is full of happy energy.
Hugs to you!

Miriam said...

Hello Mandy, looking forward to getting to know you more in Kelly Rae's e-course Flying Lessons!

Ciao for now :)

{blog -}

Lori said...

Wow that is such a huge job! My cooperative moved to a new and better space but that was before I joined. But there were 8 of us who started a second coop (I quit after 6 mo since it was WAY too much) but moving everything into that space was so fun and such hard work. Good luck to you guys! :)

Jonathan said...

Best of luck at the new place...I hope it works out well for all of you...I'll admit, I am a skeptic thus far...