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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Funky FIsh

I couldn't wait any longer to show you all one of my newest "Funky Fish"...I am really happy with this serene beauty. I am so loving this new technique of coloured pencil mixed with paper and wood and paint,'s giving me alot of movement to play and create without having to worry about framing.

A print of this guy is coming to the shop very soon but in the mean time the original will be hung at the Art On Main Gallery this Friday and is selling for only $92.00 (plus shipping) again if your interested in grabbing the original of this guy shoot me a comment or email...

Some of my Wee Whispy's have already gone to new homes which makes me so happy, I have 4 more almost ready to show...some of my Funky Fish have swam off to different places as well...I just LOVE packing up orders, filling them with good mojo, positive energy and happy wishes. In other news, I WAS suppose to be booked for a co-exhibition a couple months ago at the WKP Kennedy Gallery but through a unfortunate lack of communication the show is not happening as planned BUT I have been offered a slot next year May-June of 2011 and it will be a solo exhibition. I wasn't happy about the screw up but I am happy the director of the gallery offered me another slot at a later time. This is a beautiful gallery and I'll be proud to show there, it's also where I slaved as a gallery coordinator many moons ago, ha it will be incredible to go back as one of the showing artists:D will be a big space for me to fill but I am already pretty excited about it because I am pretty sure I will be doing the whole exhibit with my "Beautiful Birds" and maybe my "Funky Fish"'s going to be so colourful and whimsical that I bet the eyes of passersby will just pop:D ha ha.


Lori said...

Hi Mandy! I love the idea of not framing as much as possible! It seems like you are in so many shows- it's inspiring. I hope the head pains has stayed away.

Jonathan said...

I like that fish...he\she seems very reflective in mood.