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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner & A Treasury

Yayyyy!  Ivy.
(Ivy get in touch with your mailing address and I'll ship it out to you asap.)

Thanks again to all who entered.

I think my October Giveaway is going to be an original so be sure to come back and enter your name for that.

In other news, thanks to Dale Ann who included one of my illustration "Happiness In Flowers" (2nd in the top row)  in her Beautiful Colours Treasury...

I am so excited, today I am actually going to start some work is usually primarily with my coloured pencils but I so enjoy painting too and for some reason, I just don't let myself paint much!  Well no, I know the reason, it's a bad habit of being surrounded and being friends with some of top notch, world class painters, such as Dennis Geden who actually has work in the Tate! and seeing their incredible work and thinking that my painting skills could never touch theirs so I suppose I get embarrassed about my skill set...but on days like today where the cravings to paint get really strong I indulge and I love it, so I'll do that, get in some bun snuggles and some good music like A Fine Frenzy!  It'll be a good day. 

See you Tommorow (instead of Saturday) guys, it's a post about bunnies...they all demanded some blog face time and as their willing slave I must comply:D

1 comment:

Michelle May said...

Congrat's to Ivy! I know she must be excited.
Your painting talent is fabulous Mandy! Don't you ever doubt yourself!
Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings and of course, looking forward to seeing the bunnies.