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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Original 'Circus Poisson"

As promised I have a new picture to show you.
It is called "Circus Poisson"
It is a sweet little thing measuring only 6 inches by 6 inches and I must say it just feels precious, it really does.
It is coloured pencil and ink with abit of acrylic & some sparkles, on a kiln dried pine block.

If your interested, this little original beauty you can find it here, in my Etsy shop for a really very nice and decent price.

What do yous think of it?

This week I'll be posting on Thursday and Saturday instead of my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine.  We are still abit unwell in this cozy little rabbity warren of ours and schedules therefore are abit helter see you Thursday lovely peeps. 

P.S Don't forget about the giveaway, the draw ends Wednesday night.  There will be another cool giveaway at the beginning of October.


Michelle May said...

Mandy this is beautiful!
I like your mix of materials. As always, your work is amazing.
I'm sorry you are all still not feeling well.
Sending you lots of healing hugs!
xx, shell

Jonathan said...

Awsome image...I love it. Has an old circus feel to it. Not sure I can explain it much more then that.