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Friday, October 1, 2010

There Is Light In My Darkness...A New Painting

Hi everyone, I am so excited, the sun is out, the skies and blue and clear and so is my head, yayyy...
And on this lovely pain-free day I have a new painting to show you.

It is called "There Is Light In My Darkness"

It is another small one at 6 inches by 6 inches and it is acrylic paint with a tiny amount of coloured pencil with some red rhinestones on a collaged canvas, all which has been sealed with a protective satin varnish.

It's not in my 'normal' style but heh a gals just gotta diverge from series work once in awhile doesn't she! Okay okay, I know I diverge alot, but heh I follow my creative moods to the  direction/medium they want to go in and my usual saying enters here "It is the magic that is me"! 

This little painting stemmed out of me having a very difficult month, with some major stresses regarding neighbours & our home, to Ella Luna's abscess (which the doctor says will likely never go away), to that awful 3 week cold and also a migraine/very nasty headache that lasted almost everyday for 3 weeks straight on top of the cold...well the last few days I've really had to play some mind games to get myself through what felt was endless discomfort & some major pain...I kept telling myself 'It's okay, you can stand this, it'll end..There Is's coming...the pain WILL end..." that bit of positive thinking/hope was the starting point for this image (which was made in the middle of all the throbbing & thrashing)...

What do you think of it???

The original is already available in my Etsy Shop, click here if you're interested.  Prints will come soon.

Today is World Vegetarian cook yourself something yummy & guilt-free.

See you next week..Have a wonderful weekend & Thanks so so much for hopping in.

XO Mandy & The Buns XO


Jonathan said...

1) Great pic...I love the darkness

2) Become a veg. head!!!

3) As the song says, this too shall pass...

Michelle May said...

Hello lovey. Well, yet again, another beautiful piece. I hate that you have had such a hard month with so many stresses. Wishing you a much better October dear friend.
Thinking of you.
xx, shell

Michelle May said...

Oh, and you know I'm a veggie lady so I celebrate with you today. :)

Diane said...

I say it is EXQUISITE!!
I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a terrible month--at least something good came out of it--this art!! And I like this variation of yours!!

cypress sun said...

she's lovely ~ and mysterious!

Katalin said...

hello Mandy!
I love the title of this piece and I think even if you say..this is not in your normal style it's still you! :) I like it! Very moody and dark and I love her eyes.
Hope your October will be pain and stress free!

sonyamacdesigns said...

little miss darkness is dark and beautiful ... thanks for turning her light on!

jacqueline said...

Dearest mandy, this painting is gorgeous! I am really loving the colors and the title to it. You take such gorgeous photos of your product too! Love to you!