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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Tube Watercolour Up For Grabs

Hi everyone, sorry for missing Monday's post, after a busy weekend with some jurying work, a return of Septembers nasty cold, working the gallery, meetings and a sore head I just wasn't up to composing anything new but I am back again feeling good and really looking forward to a full productive day in my studio. 

Today I wanted to show you the little watercolour that I created in my first You Tube's a sweet little 5 x7 piece...

This piece is one of a kind, will slide into any of your favourite 5 x 7 frames or mats...and it's up for grabs in my Etsy Shop for anyone interested in purchasing it...

It's companion was just sold but I think this piece stands just as nicely all on it's own.

There, now with this post done and the bunnies all fed, I am off to pop Practical Magic into the dvd player, brew up some cappuccino and get to my easel for a day of painting, than at 4ish I'll hop my little butt into the kitchen to whip up a lasagna for my sweet man and than enjoy an evening of Pysch episodes (which is my favourite show right now) and some felt star stitching (which I'll show you soon)...that's the plan anyhow! 

What are you guys up to today???  Whatever it is I hope you all have a lovely day as well.

See you this Friday most defiantly. 

Be Well....M & The Buns....who are slightly pissy that they can't go outside because it's too chilly & wet!


Judit Gueth said...

I love that little painting. It looks amazing in the frame.

Oh, I have fond memories of your lasagna. :-)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lasagna!!!!!

I love that picture...and the video of it's creation is fun. time for a new one eh?

illusion by elcin said...

SUPER. I LİKE THİS SO MUCH. , congratulation...