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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Are You Reading?

I am a pretty avid reader & think that my pile of books read in 2010 wasn't super great but was pretty decent also.  2009 was such a bad year for head pain I think I managed time for only 5 or 6 books, so 2010's stack was defiantly healthier...wanna see some of what I read? 

These ones I didn't care for at all... but I have this annoying habit of needing to finish a book even if I hate it!

These ones were okay...

These 3 were very good...

And these 3 were in my opinion great.

Already 2 books added to my 2011 pile, ha ha.

What was your favourite read of 2010?

XO M who has a sore head & Ella Luna who has a sore bump, Roo who still shedding like mad, Jinny who seems abit tired & Jaks a.k.a. Timmy who thinks Jinny isn't playing with him enough.


CRY said...

I will continue to say more bunny prayers and thanks for keeping us updated.
the question her is,what am I not reading. IM READING EVERYTHING IN MY PATH AND I TAKE NOTES ON ALL MY FAV THINGS I READ SO IT TAKES TWICE AS LONG. My fav of all Im reading is The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll, Im in Love with this book.
I have a backpack full of books I got from the library and the ones on my I pad. so if I wrote down every book I was rreading it would be a book in itself

suzanna leigh said...

I've just finished one grim but necessary book, Eaarth, which describes the trouble our planet is in. The other book I just finished is ...the third Christopher Poloni book...I can't rtemember the name and am not sure I got the author right. The first was Eregon,, the second was Eldest. I love Christopher's writing, and I think each book is better, more thoughtful, than the last. Plus anything with Dragons and Elves gets MY attention!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

That is a fair number of books...with the library almost full, I think I better get to work on the new book shevles in the den...