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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Newsletter

The Bijou's Whimsy March Newsletter was just emailed out. 

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Hope your having a great week.  Mine is being plagued by migraines so my work been moving along slowly which is stressing me out abit, since there's so many new pieces that I want to tackle, not to mention 2 e-courses that I am behind on!...but I try to remember that I am doing the best I can & the stress melts away abit when I go outside with the bunnies.  Today, Ella Luna decided the ground was much too wet and mushy for her precious little feet so she did one single lap of her domain and then quickly hopped back into the warm dry house, ha ha.

Have a great and joyful day everyone.  XO Mandy & Ella.


CRY said...

Hope you are feeling better

Deyfenn Slayd said...

I love your newsletters... extremely creative.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the migraines. Snuggle a bunny, it will probably help some.

Feel better soon!