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Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Treasuries & Collections

Thanks again so so much to everyone who put my work into Etsy Treasuries & ArtFire Collections in know how they tickle me happy ever so much...

Here's one of my 'Funky Fish', 1st on the 2nd row down.

One of my 'Beautiful Birds', 1st spot, 1st row.

Another of my 'Beautiful Birds' 2nd row down 4th spot.

My 'Flora & Fauna 2' print, 2nd spot 2nd row down.

Another 'Funky Fish', 1st row 1st spot.

Yet another 'Beautiful Bird', 3rd row down, 2nd spot.

Another small print of mine, 1st row, 2nd spot.

My purple and lime green 'Beautiful Bird' 2nd row down 3rd spot.

And my favourite 'Beautiful Bird' 3rd row down, 3rd spot over.

The 'Fauna and Flora 2' print again, 3rd row down 4th over.

One of the very first pieces in my coloured pencil portfolio, my 'Flying Fish' print, 3rd row down and 3rd over.

And still one of my favourite illustration 'Inertia Creeping', 1st row 4th one over.

And here is one of my 'Avian' prints 4th row down 2nd spot over.

A couple years ago I was never included in collections, now it's happening more and more which means my work is being seen by more and more which hopefully means a wider audience and all the goodness that comes with that and which will hopefully lead to that rabbit sanctuary I've had in my heart & dreams for years now!

Hope your having a wonderful weekend and thanks so so much to all the lovely supportive comments as of late, espeacially for my recent post about leaving Art On Main, my heart feels aptly hugged...thank you, thank you, thank you.

XO Bijou


Lori said...

This is great mandy! I love your profile picture. Your hair is GORGEOUS!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

It's really cool how your stuff gets selected for peoples collections like that. They have good taste.