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Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Date

It was a treat to spend last Friday with Danielle Fraser from Her Painted Word
Danielle is a fellow Northerner, she lives about 1.5 hours North of here. 
We spent the whole day wondering around the downtown core, going from gallery to gallery, eating lunch, having tea & talking non-stop about our art & businesses. 

Most of the artists we admire, consider pals and who make up the majority of our artistic support circles live far far away from our little Northern towns, scattered around the world but mostly in the U.S. 
Before meeting Danielle, I was the only one in the area, that I know of anyways, that has a blog, an etsy shop and all that jazz, so honestly, at times, it can feel a tad isolating and quite desolate in terms of artistic support and understanding. 

I am so so glad I tracked her down and got up the courage to send her that first
'Heh do you live near North Bay' email, ha ha...
And that Danielle was friendly enough to say
'Heh I am coming to North Bay, wanna meet up". 
Hope your all feeling brave enough to forge some new connections this week.

XO An inspired and happy Bijou


Diane said...

I love this!! I'm so glad that you connected with a fellow blogger--I think us bloggers know each other more than friends we know in real life--this is great!

CRY said...

its great that she is that far away because you can take turns visiting and each time you see each other you will have so much to talk about!
Its a BLESSING for sure!

Kerry said...

Hi Mandy!
I just checked out Danielle's etsy shop. Lena and I are in love with her work! Thank you so much for sharing this today! Hope you are well...lots of hugs...Kerry

Deyfenn Slayd said...

It really is a time of new-beginings for you Bijou. I think it's awsome. Having a friend that is so in tune with you, and willing to drive 1.5hrs just to send the day with you is exactly what you need. Time to loosen the grip on old relationships, and in with the new!!!!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh thanks so much guys...I am starting to really embrace the amazing sense of community blogging is bringing to me...including you awesome guys:D...who says a real friend is someone you have had to have met right...not now in this day and age and I am honoured by you guys and am so so grateful for your support, ears, hearts and laughs...sending giant hugs all around. XXXXOOOO

Michele from Pipi La La said...

Oh Mandy I am SO JEALOUS! I wish I could have joined you both!

I hope your head starts to behave today! I am so glad you had 14 days freedom from it!

Lisa said...

This is so exciting for you! Wow! I've only met one fellow bunny blogger, and she's sort of moved on to bigger and better things and isn't around the blogs much at all anymore.. Would love to do it sometime!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

How fun! Nothing like spending time with girlfriends to energize you! Glad you got to meet her Mandy. One day I know we will meet too. :)
xx, shell

Kat Sloma said...

That is so wonderful you got to meet her in person! It's so wonderful to meet your online friends in real life, isn't it? I've done it several times.

Elizabeth said...

How exiting I am smiling here for you both. I wish someday I could have that awesome experience with one or many of my creative souls met through the blog world. Enjoy it!!!

beth said...

So awesome that you met each other! Danielle is a dear friend, and such an inspiration. Love her! What a pair you make!

danielle said...

Dearest and sweetest Mandy,

I am SO GRATEFUL to have met you as well and have spent the whole day with you. I look forward to seeing you again soon. It's so special when you can share your creative journey with a friend and a hot cup of tea all the while sitting right across the table from eachother. Sending you big hugs today and until I see you again! xox