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Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Friday - Meatless Golden Tofu Soup

As promised...a recipe
Though on retrospect, I will likely not share a recipe every Friday after all...
I gave it further thought and realized that I love blogging the most when I keep my posts free form...
This beloved blogling of mine will remain more true blue if I share & show when & what
I want to share and show and not just because that's what's 'scheduled' to be shown...
ya know what I mean?  ah, I am quite sure you do. there is a recipe I want to share.  This soup is super easy, fast and YUUUMMMY.

Start by heating a tbsp of olive oil in a soup pot...
-chop 1 onion & grate 1 tbsp of ginger root...put them into the oil in the pot and cook until soft.
-Than add in 2.5 tbsp of curry paste
(I usually don't have paste so I just add milk or water to make my curry powder into a paste).
-Add the paste to the pot.
-Also to the pot add 1000ml of veggie stock & 2 cans of coconut milk(yummy)
-Now your going to want to stir in 2 tbsps of sugar and abit of honey as sweeten up that curry.
At this point, have your soup on a simmer...
Than add in your choice of veggies...about 2 cups worth but really as much as your prefer.
I added mushrooms, red pepper and broccoli to this batch
(the next batch we agreed that we'll substitute grated carrot for the mushrooms)
-Lastly you'll cube a package of your favourite medium firm tofu...preferably organic & put that into the pot.
Bring it all to a boil for about 5 minutes...than lower the heat to a simmer & let cook for a further 10 minutes.
Yummy easy peasy golden tofu soup.

I tell ya, I love having a guy who eats tofu...most guys I know would say 
'ewwww tofu, no way'  without ever have even tried it!
Veg-Head guys does this soup.

XO Mandy, Jonathan, & the Bunnies XO 


Misty Boston said...

I'm jealous, I can't quite get my guy to go Veg-Head. But I give him credit for trying SOMETIMES. :)
That looks SO yummy, I'm going to try it -- thanks! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Mandy! I'll pass it on to the chef ;) I don't think I've ever seen him eat Tofu but I don't think he's opposed to it.

Kidchuckle said...

Hmmm that looks YUMMY!

CRY said...

My david would llve it and so would i thanks for the recipe!
Yum yum yumeeeee

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Oh that does look yum! I am definitely going to try it this week and it is perfect for cold Autumn weather.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Well Bijou, that was a great soup.....mmmm.

I don't think you need to do a food post every Friday, but I do think you should make sure to share some of the great things we whip up in the fridge. As someone who grew up on meat as a child (vegetarian for 5 years now), there are soooo many options (colours, flavours, textures) as a veghead that meat "just ain't needed".

Real men eat real men do the right thing no matter how hard it is for them. ~ wisdom from "bean-curd"

Drat...I am getting hungry now.