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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Owlette Odalis

Another new Owlette.

This one is named "Odalis"

I love how grouchy he looks, ha ha.

He is indeed yet another coloured pencil on gessoed pine.
I LOVE the colour mixture on this one...the turquoise, greens and oranges...scrumptious.
(Prints of Odalis & the other Owlettes are coming soon).

Tell me, DO YOU like his grouchiness?
It can't always be peaches and sunshine-y goodness now can it!
BUT Let's do try to make sure MOST of the time is, ha ha

XO A Bijou who just adores the sound of her bunnies eating banana XO


dragongourd said...

Wow! I love him! What great colors. He makes me happy!

Snap said...

He looks like he is trying very hard to be grouchy, but he's really laughing inside saying ... *fooled ya*!!!!!

CRY said...

Oh how I love
he makes me smile and I think his expression is how I feel first thing in the morning.

Misty Boston said...

he's too adorable to take as seriously mad! :D
He looks like one of my kitties with her constantly annoyed look. :D

Anonymous said...

He's so nice! Love him!

ladaisi said...

Hey Mandy - saw this ring and thought of you - think you'll love it:

Lisa said...

I LOVE his grouchiness!!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Grouchy or meerly ever-watching the family for danger?

Another great Owl.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love his grouch self! Too cute!