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Monday, September 12, 2011

Abit Of Time Outside

Jaks has finally started to eat on his own...phew!
This weekend we were able to take turns being outside. 
One of us was outside making sure Ella Luna and Roo got some fresh air and exercise
whiles the other was inside keeping Jaks company as he continues to heal.
Poor little guy just can't go out for another couple of weeks at least, which really sucks because
the rabbits just love the fall with it's crisp air, cozy winds and falling leaves.

I've been working on this new image and spent abit of time on it outside this weekend...

...The grey squirrels came by to offer some cuteness, to say hello and to collect some peanuts...

...and the flowers seemed extra lovely.
  The nights around here are getting quite cold and we know they won't last much longer now...

Today is technically a 'Back To Work' day,
last week was the official time for that but as you know Jaks got very sick. 
Now, I am having a hard time finding the groove of my studio routine. 
I find myself whirling about in circles and constantly drifting back to
Jaks who I am still worried about and to Ella Luna who is very crickety and quiet this morning.

I still have quite a few summer photos to share with you all.
Shots from a blues festival we went to.  Shots from an airshow.  Shots from a biking excursion.
Maybe today is a good day to edit some photos and get all of those queued up.
But I think I will also work with my coloured pencils and bounce between Jaks and Jins room
and Ella Luna and Roo's room as I work on 2 illustrations.

Hoping your all finding your September groove. 

XO A Bunny Tired Bijou XO


Lisa said...

Could not be smiling bigger right now :) Get some rest, Bijou

Lisa said...

Could not be smiling bigger right now :) Get some rest, Bijou

Snap said...

Oh, Yippee! So happy to Jaks is eating. Hope everything goes up and up quickly now.

Karen M said...

Good news. Nice start to the week, hope it continues well.

Betherann said...

I'm sorry about your sick bun -- GI stasis is the worst!! But I'm glad he's improving. Amazing!

I just discovered your blog through some random art blog hopping, and I am amazed by your work. It is exquisite. Love!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

So happy to hear this. So happy indeed!
xx, shell

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I'm so glad to hear he is improving still. It will be no time and he will be out in the sunshine again
Love the look of your new painting.

Digital Inks said...

you've done really excellent job! thanks a lot for sharing!! :)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

That picture is really coming along....looks great. Nice shots from around the yard....and of course, yeah Jaks!