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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Owlette Now As Prints

Heh Everybody....look at WOO's just Perched In The Shop...

Visit my shop for a lovely soul-drenching dose of whimsy and colour.

Well that's all for today,
sorry lovely peeps but my poor noggin is too sore to write much more today...
p.s.  I am so so glad that I discuss and share my life as a migraine sufferer, here on this blog o' mine
because I get so many people writing me saying 'Heh I suffer too...' and than we share our stories
and it's some how nice to know others are out there in the same boat.

It's pouring here today...the rabbits are by the back door getting some fresh air.
And after a bit of a lie down with my trusty heat and ice packs, I'll be spending the day with
some watercolours...(pounding be damned) WHOOT WHOOT...ha ha.

XO A Colour Addicted Mandy


Lilith said...

darling pictures

Deyfenn Slayd said...

These make great prints. So, like all of your stuff!