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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where Is Winter

I don't think we're the only ones waiting for the lake by our house to freeze over.
It's usually well on it's way by now but so far we've had a warm and rainy winter, which is unusual.
I don't like it one bit to be truthful, ha ha...since, in my humble opinion,
one of the benefits of living in a land which is frozen for almost half the year (and often unbearably so)
is indeed big beautiful snowflakes and crazy winter storms that keep you in your house
in front of roaring fires & in the company of hot chocolates, etc!!!...

...But I shouldn't complain for I know soon enough we'll be walking hand in hand or
gliding across this exact same spot on our skis,
with a thermos of hot chocolate and a big warm blanket tucked into our backpacks...
before we know it we'll be spending another season on the slumbering freeze,
Enjoying it's oh-so-quiet endless calming lengths...
Part of me can't wait, even though a bigger part of me hates being cold!

Be Well, Be Joyful & Be Inspired
XO Mandy & The Buns who will be starting holidays very soon and can't wait!


Lisa said...

It has been eerily mild here in NY also. Very few nights below 35-40 degrees even. I keep waiting for the cold to hit us like a ton of bricks! lol. I'm in no hurry, though, and would be perfectly happy if the cold never came.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

No finally came down on us.