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Monday, January 23, 2012

I am Back

Hi Hi Hi Everyone

I am back...
and so excited to be,
I already have so much to share with you all....

As always promised on this beloved blog of mine,
in 2012 I will continue to share my creations and illustrations...
the creative fire is flowing strongly and I will have have lots to show and share...
I will bravely & happily share my artistic life, the ups & the downs
(such as trying to be an artist & run a small handmade business as a severe migraine sufferer). 
In 2012 I will share my inspirations and my aspirations,
some of what makes me happy, some of what makes me sad,
and abit of the in betweens goodies.
There will naturally be continued glimpses of the life I share with bunnies...
and of course with my amazing honey.
And who knows what else...
I am excited to see where 2012 will take me.

But before we go forward into 2012, let me reminiscence briefly
and look back at what was accomplished in 2011...
Which we'll do this coming Wednesday and Friday.

But for today, the most important thing to cover is the winner of the giveaway...

I am so very glad to have pulled Aline's name out of the bucket because well honestly,
she left me one of thee nicest blog comments I've ever gotten in my 3+ years of blogging
and it meant so very much.  Here's a taste of the sweet words offered...

"Hi Mandy...
I've been anxiously following your blog for the past few months.
Like you, I'm a self motivated artist who works from home.
Reading your words of wisdom and seeing your love of life with Jon and your bunnies
(despite those darn migraines of yours) & photos, gives me that bit of extra wind in my sails
that I sometime need to keep on creating.
It's almost like, even though we don't communicate, you're like a friend who is always there. 
p.s. I admire your persistence and drive in making life a bouquet of flowers
even when your head is far from feeling like a rose.
Thanks a bunch, fondly Aline"

...isn't that the best...
Anyhow, ha ha, Aline is not a fellow blogger, but she is a fellow local artist, a jeweler to be exact,
I've seen her work before, it's beautiful natural pieces made from beach wood, rocks, glass and wire
and I think it's pretty cool that she entered and won because before so,
I had no idea that a single local artist followed me and my work.

So congrats Aline, thanks for the lovely lovely note and congrats on winning...
Get in touch soon with your mailing address
so the bunnies and I can get your prize mailed out to you.
(and so we can perhaps arrange a tea/coffee date?)
(just email me at

See you all on Wednesday I hope.

Happy New Year...I hope it's off to an AMAZING start.

XO Mandy, Ella Luna, Roo, Jinny and Jaks


Lori said...

Mandy! what a sweet post- I love that you are sharing you full heart here- all the ups and downs. Sending much love your way, beautiful friend. xoxo

Michelle May said...

So glad you are back dear friend! Looking forward to sharing this year with you and I'm staying positive that it will be full of all ups and no downs at all.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Good to be back:D

Lisa said...

Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely winter break. And how are all the furries?

Deyfenn Slayd said...