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Friday, January 27, 2012

Looking Back Abit More...

Reminiscing still and looking back, I can say that
it was yet another wonderful year with my little ones...

Ella Luna and Roo

They are my heart of hearts...
and 2 of my very best friends.

 It was a wonderful year as well with our sweet Jaks and Jinny...

Two speacil and sweet little buns who make our home more complete...

We had some major ups and downs and some big scares with the buns in the past year,
but that just comes along with life with 4 older rabbits.

It was another incredible year with my hon bun, Jonathan (aka Deyfenn Slayd)...

It was a year with alot of time spent outside and enjoying all the
beauty offered in abundance...

...nature & it's inhabitants continue to be the main driving force behind most of my work,
and where I find inner peace and pure beauty.

And it was an amazing amazing year for concerts and music.

We saw over 24 different bands/concerts/, completely awesome, ha ha!
(My all time favs would have to be the performances by U2, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Lake of Stew,
Jesse Cook, The Crooked Brothers, The Sheepdogs and Harrison Kennedy's...AMAZING).

And, even though we don't get to go too far from home because of the buns,
We did manage a few small trips to the big city for some fun,
We spent hours upon hours enjoying Ontario's beautiful countrysides,
We saw the awesome Snow Birds perform, We went kayaking for the first time,
Had quite a few biking adventures, Found an enchanted garden,
Spent lots of time by the water with picnics,
Got henna tattoos, well I could go on for abit, ha ha...
We definitely put my camera through it's paces.

I am completely excited about 2012, especially seeing how great 2011 was.
And even though it was a hell of a year for migraines and headaches,
I am optimistic that 2012 will be better as I plan to hit the yoga mat and acupuncture hard!

(Though it's here that I finally will mention that the new year got of to a tragically sad start
when my beautiful 18 year old step-niece, Torry McIntyre, was killed in a car crash on January 3rd.)
It is important to look back so we know where we want to go in the future, I think anyways.

So thanks oodles lovely peeps, for looking back with me...
(And for the sweet messages you've been sending me welcoming me back)
I really hope you'll continue to follow along in the new year,
I am sure we'll get up to some lovely stuff and make many many new creations and illustrations
with more bunny adventures thrown in for good measure too.

XO Mandy & the Bunnies from a chilly Northern studio in a little wintery town


Deyfenn Slayd said...

Awsome awsome awsome post!

Snap said...

I've really enjoyed your posts on looking back at 2011. Really lovely, Mandy! Here's to 2012!!!

Natascha said...

Lovely pictures. Is that Torontos needle? I have a friend that lives there. Ive been a few times & I watch a Canadian series thats filmed there. :)

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Thanks babe, Snap and yes indeed Natascha, it is the Toronto CN tower:D

Lisa said...

Yay so many bunny pics all at once, overload! My favorites are always Ella in her little outfits :) You and Jonathan are just about the cutest couple ever! I am so, so sorry to hear about your poor step-niece. We also lost someone suddenly and unexpectedly, very late on New Year's Eve, who I had spent time with that night, and while he wasn't quite as young as your niece, he was only 33, and we're really struggling with it. My heart goes out to you.

Michelle May said...

Gorgeous photos Mandy. You and Jon are just as cute together as the bunnies are!
Wishing you a beautiful year ahead filled with everything positive, happy and magical.
Hugs for your heart over the loss of your niece.

ladaisi said...

I simply adore this blog post! The photos the bunnies are absolutely adorable.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

+1 on the photo montages! Awsome, awsome, awsome.

Can't wait to see what we get up to in 2012.