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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cuteness For A Monday

Just hopping in quickly today to offer up some of Jin & Jak's super cuteness,
Hopefully it'll get your Monday morning off to a good start
It always helps mine anyhow, ha ha...

I am forgetting the fact that they kept me up most of night last night,
for I slept in the living room with my niece
and it would seem that for whatever reason the buns thought that if it was a good night
for a sleepover than it must also be a good night for noisy all night high-speed rabbit races & chases!

I can't believe the weather lately, ugh,
It's +20 one Monday and than -20 the next.  It's pretty chilly here today...brrrr...
The constant up and down is wrecking havoc on my noggin that's for sure,
as change in weather is one of my biggest head pain triggers...
it's been a kinda of tiring past few days of going about life anyways
with thunder lashing about in my head! Today is no different...
So I am going to be gentle on myself today and might sneak in a mid-afternoon nap perhaps,
as well as lots of nourishing peppermint and green tea,
and hopefully lots of time assisting my beauty, Ella Luna
and than the rest of the time with my oldest of beloved coloured pencils.

We'll see you later in this week with a new felt bracelet and a new painting,
So I do hope you'll have time to hop in again for another visit.

& we hope your Monday is off to a lovely & inspired start.
XO Mandy, Jin and Jaks


Wren said...

Just adorable.

Beth said...

So sweet! You are giving me serious bunny fever.

Michele said...

So beautiful! Your bunnies are lovely. :-)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the dose of super cuteness!! I never have people stay over my place anymore, because I can't imagine any way that sharing a room with my rabbits could NOT keep someone up all night. Lol. The weather has been crazy here, too. 70 degrees F all last week, in March, in NY, and now yesterday and today it's between 30 and 50 depending on the time of day. So bizarre.

Lisa said...

PS. As a standard of comparison, our 32 is like your 0, But I'm not sure what our 70 is like for you!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

The weather has been rough out here. Too much extremes...give me seasonal anyday.

The pic of Jaks and Jinny...super cute, or are they planning something?

D.Shawnte said...

Very nice blog! And I love the bunnies :3!