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Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Polarity Goodness

So let me tell you more about my collaboration with Cat Ivins of Polarity and Olive Bites Studio.

Polarity is the original maker/home of interchangeable magnetic jewelry.
Cat Ivins of Polarity makes amazing and versatile industrial lockets & bracelets
featuring artwork from various artists worldwide, such as moi.
The jewelry is amazingly handmade from recycled steel auto parts
and are 'welded with love, propane & power tools' right in her New Jersey studio.

Look at the cool bracelet set you can now buy featuring my 'Beautiful Birds' artwork...

Just add your favorite little picture inside
and you have one of the coolest pieces of jewelry ever.
Your locket will be packaged in a cute little tin, perfect for gift giving or storage
and sent with care from Cat's studio.

You can purchase this bracelet, which has the 3 magnetic interchangeable bird lids RIGHT HERE.

The Rabbit, Fish, Bird necklace set I showed you in the last post

is now available for purchase in Cat's shop.

2 more sets are still to excited.
(They will all be available in my Etsy shop as well)

Aren't they totally awesome???

XO Mandy aka 'Bijou' of Bijou's Whimsy


Lisa said...

That's awesome! So much fun!

samos said...

i love these Mandy!
What a beautiful collaboration. ;)
ox samos

Deyfenn Slayd said...

I can't see how you won't sell these. They look awsome! (and I'm a guy)....

I think you guys have a very good partnership going.