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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabbits These Days

Ella Luna and Roo seem extra content these days...
They snuggle together and kiss all day long by the back door,
Taking in sunshine and fresh spring winds...
And the snow!  For the last 2 weeks anyways.

I am home with them day in and day out so they get lots of healthy snacks throughout the day.
And, as you can see, the floors are all covered with soft thick comforters,
so that our Ella Luna doesn't get hurt when she falls over or drags herself around,
We've been doing this for some time now but Roo still seems to think it's the best thing ever, ha ha.
He sinks into them like they are a puffy cloud, gives a big happy huff and than promptly falls asleep.

...And little Miss Sunshiny Sweet herself gets carried around &pampered like the little queen she is,
(she's getting such beautiful auburn colouring in her older age, it really comes out in the sunlight).

Her newest favourite thing is the time every day that we spend in Jin & Jaks room,
(not with Jin & Jaks because the 2 bun couples don't get along at all)
but on the big window bench that looks over the whole front yard and court...
She likes to people and car watch & every evening we watch the setting sun.

Life feels very good when it's full of rabbits, sunsets and art-making!
I am so grateful for this beautiful and full life.

XO Rabbit Addict, Mandy

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Well, foo-foo has always been the queen, she's just matured enough now to really let us do everything she needs for her :-) ...and we will gladly oblige.