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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodies For Cheap

I am not a mall person whatsoever, 
I love thrift stores and the uniqueness that comes in the items from them,
I totally believe that 'someone else's trash is another's treasure'.

It can be the smallest little find that gets me so excited,
Like last month I found a paper doll book from Emily Martin & The Black Apple for $5
(I squealed for the whole store to hear when I came across that one, ha ha,
because I've been designing some paperdolls and I loved seeing how she presented her beautiful line).

Or recently, my heart did a giddy little flutter,
when I found these threads, including the case, for something like $2.
I love making felt goodies and I knew I could use them straight away.

The thread colours put me on cloud nine, ha ha...
and I had never seen these super handy little floss divider's before, I am hooked on them now!

And just look at this...

My heart did a happy little dance when I found this ceramic cherry pie for $3.
I already scored a giant ceramic strawberry last year for my upstairs studio, it holds my muslin...
When I saw this pie, I knew it'd be the perfect place to store other fabric goodies on the go.
(bunny hair in the upstairs studio is a constant battle after all, ha ha).

...and check out the super delicate table cloth, handmade and only $2...ahhhhh.

Have you had any awesome thrifty finds lately??
Do share.

Have a fabulous summer day...

XO Mandy


Stephanie Amos said...

I am exactly the same way! I avoid malls at all costs and absolutely LOVE secondhand stores. You scored BIG my friend! I especially like all your colored threads. What a find! I'm usually a sucker for hats. ;)

Natascha said...

I'm the same way! Nothing tickels me more than finding a treasure for cheap or something I can make into something else! :)

Michelle May said...

What a fantastic find! I know you were so excited!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Stephanie, I did score big...on my last visit I scored the coolest super long box (that I'll refinish and use for a card display at sales) and we grabbed a lovely little rocking chair for the back deck for $5....HELLO;D ha ha.

Natascha, I am the same way, I am always looking for beads, buttons and old lace that I can use on my dolls. ya lovely lady:D XO.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

That was a great haul...well done Bijou.