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Friday, May 18, 2012

Squirrel Stories & Antics

We always have a beautiful grey squirrel around here...
They make me so happy & are simple reminders of life's beauty.

I had a speacil little bond with a gourgeus grey girl named Chapman for years.
She would sit on my lap when I read.  She would take fruit out of my breakfast cereal in the mornings.
She would sit very silently and nearby whenever I had one of the buns in my arms on the deck,
like she wanted to be part of our little family.
I remember a certain time when our Hazel suddenly passed away...
I was outside in the yard, crying...stretched out on my belly near Hazel's favourite yard spot
and Chapman slowly walked over to me, and stretched out on her belly in the grass opposite from me,
she wasn't even a foot away and I said to her
"Chapman I am so sad, I miss Hazzy"...
and that squirrel looked at me, blinked & quietly put her head down to stare at me so gently.
We laid stretched out on the grass facing one another for some time.
It's never happened with any other squirrel, I'll never forget it, It was such a speacil experience.

One day not long ago we saw the newest edition outside on the kitchen porch
and we moved in for closer inspection when we said to one another
'what the heck is she doing'...

Well apparently she was taking all of the stuffing from Jaks porch blanket
and stuffing her mouth until it was super full...
than coming back again and again until the blanket was half empty!
We keep a puffy blanket on the deck you see because Jaks little legs are so short, he kind of slides instead of hops down the deck stairs, so we spread out a big soft blanket over the stairs whenever we're
going down to play in the yard, so he can go up and down without getting little bunny boo-boo's!...

I guess we'll have to buy a new one this year,
for the blanket is not quite so puffy anymore, ha ha...
We let her take as much as she wanted,
Since it was no doubt being brought to her secret nest in preparations for her new little babies.

The antics and beauty of the grey squirrels never ceases to delight and enchant.
I am grateful for them.

XO Mandy and the lovely grey squirrels of our yard.


Snap said...

Baby squirrels ... too cute! More to delight and enchant!

Michelle May said...

Oh Mandy this is just the most wonderful post. Precious little critters.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

THank you Snap and Shell...big hugs are being sent your way XO.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Foam thief! :-)

val said...

so cute. We have 4 in our yard all the time. Only 2 seem to be residents though...they steal from the hummingbird feeders, so funny to see them. Then they drink from the dog bowl and chew on the big bones left in the yard. I don't have a good camera so never take a good photo of them, but I enjoy watching their antics.