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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Tulip Collector

I wanted to quickly hop in today to show you a new picture.

"The Tulip Collector"

It's mostly watercolour with a bit of coloured pencil added just for some definition.
(Prints will be available at the end of this week once I get a better scan of it).

I finished it up whiles sitting on the floor beside Ella it has extra good bunny mojo.

Jonathan and Ella both reminded me that I have to keep working
and making pictures and sharing my love of colour, etc, etc...
It's easy to hide in a little cocoon when things are sad, scary & unsure,
sometimes you have to do just that..
But other times, it's good to keep reaching out and showing your heart.

Hope you like the new picture.
I just finished up another super cute felt brooch as well, I'll show you that soon as well.

XO Mandy & Ella


Michelle May said...

I love it Mandy! I'm going to get a print as soon as it's available. It's just so beautiful.

LindaV said...

Really nice coloring! I love this pic.

~un friendship,


Karen M said...

Beautiful bunny drawing, Mandy. Our prayers are going out to your sweet muse, also. We hope she is having a better day.

ladaisi said...

I adore the speckles on the rabbit! So sweet.