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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot 'Hamburgur' Sandwiches

It's a common misconception that vegetarians can't enjoy the normal foods a meat eater does.
We can enjoy most of the same dishes as carnivores, we just use meat substitutes.
Like soy burger,
then we can have our own delicious version of yummies such as

Hot 'Hamburger' Sandwiches

A comfort food to boot...and healthy as you can see.
(we enjoy this dish quite often, it's one of our favourites, quick & super easy)

To Make:
Just take a package of your favourite soy burger, lately we like to use 'Yves'.
Put a smidgen of Olive Oil in your pan, cook and brown the meat for a few minutes on medium heat.
Than make a meat-free gravy.  We use Club House's brown gravy, it's vegetarian believe it or not!
Pour the gravy onto the cooked soy meat and stir and warm up well...
Than put the mixture between your favourite bread.
Serve piping hot and with lots of your favourite veggies. 
We usually do steamed carrots, brussel sprouts, green beans
and roasted red peppers with ours.

Hot 'Hamburger' Sandwiches for the veg-heads.
You gotta try it if you've already not, you'll love it it, I am sure.

 It's been so long since I had any meat I can't promise that I remember how meat tastes, ha ha.
But I do promise that this recipe kicks butt and takes names...
and honestly, to us anyways, it's better than the meat version because it's healthier & so much yummier because being vegetarian is just living a kind life...and that suits my honey and I perfectly.



Deyfenn Slayd said...

um, YUM!

ladaisi said...

YUM is right! I want to come over and try this.

Valerie Orendorff @ ClubHouse said...

Thank you... We value our consumer's opinions greatly and appreciate that you shared yours. We always appreciate hearing from our loyal consumers, especially when it is so positive. Your burger looks fantastic and Club House gravy is a great vegetarian option! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle May said...

It looks so delicious! Been a vegetarian now for 4 years. I can't remember what meat tastes like either and I don't care. ;)

Jenn said...

That looks delish!