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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Outdoor Delights

I can't help but share more photos of all the lovelies outside currently delighting my heart and soul...

There is so much going on's beautiful.
Our backyard is so full of trees & is quite wild so there's always lots of activity.
Right now we have a family of baby raccoons living in the shed!
We can't let them stay because raccoons and bunnies just don't mix...
though Jon has agreed to not to chase them away for another couple of weeks
because right now they are really tiny & fuzzy and Oh My God SUPER CUTE!
but so small that I don't want them to get hurt...I am hoping the mama will relocate them on her own.
I'll just have to pay extra close attention to the buns when we go out into the yard.

Our lilac trees are attracting tons of butterflies.
The grey squirrel had FOUR babies,
The red squirrel had atleast two.
Ella Luna and I used to spend hours upon hours just snuggling together by the back door,
watching their silly squirrely antics...they are simply adorable.

I love the fact that I lead a life
where I can allow myself hours to just sit with house rabbits and a tea
and watch squirrel siblings wrestle amongst the tree branches
or take their very first trepidation filled steps onto the deck for tempting peanuts.
I am so glad that I make the time every day to enjoy the simple beauties in life...
I hope you can make or find the the time to do so too.

XO Mandy who is in love with her little house and yard full of creatures.


val said...

lovely photos. we have a gray squirrel nesting right now...her tummy is so big, we are all just waiting for the big day. She took up residence in a re-purposed bat house. It was never used so my hubby turned it into a large bird box and now it gets used by the squirrels.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Those baby squirrels are pretty friggin doubt about that.